asked questions

Do you also make arrows on comission?

Yes, I also work on commission on a small scale.


What do these arrows cost?

There is no simple answer to this question as a lot of factors pay into the price. Is it replicas that are being sought after? Should the arrows only imitate historical originals? Or are they modern "historically inspired" arrows that are supposed to hit the target? Depending on your wishes and demands we will find something suitable.


But basically: what price range are we talking about?

For historical arrows, the prices always exclude the arrow head. This is because I have to purchase them myself from external sources. The price of my historical arrows starts at 16 Euro per piece. Replicas and reconstructions are mostly in the 30-60 Euro range. However, these are only rough guidelines - an exact price can be clarified in direct conversation. Just to be extra sure: These prices are not including the head of the arrows.


Why are the arrows so expensive?

Because each piece is purely handmade. That begins with the handmade shafts, leads to the handspun thread for the fletching and goes up to the decorative elements. Historical arrows require special manufacturing processes, which also include special historical recipes (e.g. glue or paint). The basis of these arrows are scientific findings, which allow a reconstruction of these arrows. In addition to this, 16 years of experience in arrow making, allows me to produce high quality arrows. Although these are robust materials that are processed, even with the best processing and the best material the arrows are not protected from wear, damage and breakage. 


How do you know what historical arrows looked like, what they were made of and how they were made?

As a qualified medievalist (historian for medieval history), obtaining suitable scientific publications is part of my everyday life. I draw my knowledge from the scientific findings of leading historians and archaeologists. It is no secret knowledge, the books are available to all of us - but unfortunately only very few take advantage of this opportunity.


I would like to have arrows, but where can I get the desired tips?

This is something that is best clarified in direct exchange. Through the craft I also share collegial contacts with other craftsmen. 


If you have any further questions please contact me!