based on archaelogical findings

The project to reconstruct arrows after archaeological findings has one problem: historical arrows consisted of organic material of which mostly only arrowheads or remnants of them have survived. Therefore, the possibilities of reconstructing arrows for special dates as exactly as possible are very limited. Nevertheless, there are finds that have come to us mainly because of the conserving properties of the site. Another way to approach historical arrows is to try to reconstruct them on the basis of pictorial source material. However, these are always only interpretations.

My aim is to reconstruct historical arrows as exactly as possible. This includes contemporary manufacturing methods and of course the right materials. The resulting pieces should not appear "old" or "historical", but rather represent arrows of our past created in modern times and reconstructed as accurately as possible.

Below are all arrows I have reconstructed so far or which I would like to reproduce soon (soonTM).

Nydam 3th to 4th century
Oberflacht 6th to 7th century
Hedeby 9th to 11th century
Lutrell Psalter 1325-1335
General 14th century
Wilton Diptych 1395-1399
Westminster before 1437
Van der Weyden around 1460
Andrea Mantegna around 1481
Sebastiansaltar 1493-1494
Boltraffio 1500-1510
Mary Rose 1545
Modern & semi-historical arrows 2020